Cybersecurity: Top 5 Business Needs

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Protect Your Business From Malware, Ransomware, Zero-Day Threats, Viruses, & More

1. Reliable Servers, Storage, & Active Directory

Reliable servers, storage, and active directory are the foundation of the network with an organized file system, capable of storing data reliably and enforcing security standards. Minimal access is the rule; where employees are granted permissions and access they need to perform their function. Company presidents don’t get access to all data just because they are the president. RDI has a team of network engineers with the skills and knowledge to tighten the security of your network and to also make sure you have the right hardware architecture. We offer offsite cloud hosting and manage two redundant data centers to ensure that your business stays online 24/7.

2. Backups, Backups, Backups

The 3-2-1 rule of backups is critically important. We recommend that you have three copies of all critical data, on different media with at least one copy offsite. We’ve seen even large businesses brought to their knees when their data and their backup are both suddenly encrypted with Cryptographic malware. With a backup and recovery solution, you can help mitigate data loss due to cyberattacks, device failures, and human error. 321-Backup™ and other products allow us to provide cost-effective solutions to businesses, to mitigate the risks of hardware failures, data corruption, and cryptographic malware.

3. Business Grade Managed Firewall

We have an internal joke where we say that big-box firewalls have two rules; deny all inbound (traffic) and allow all outbound (traffic). The problem with consumer-grade firewalls is that their capabilities don’t begin to scratch the surface of the tools and technologies found in enterprise-class firewalls. New firewalls are affordable and offer absolutely massive differences in protecting your organization and your data. Purchasing a firewall in the past may have been an ‘event’, but purchasing a firewall now without a game plan for installing security updates, is a recipe for a security disaster. We provide RDI Managed Firewall™ services which include managing security updates, and also include critical offsite logging. When hackers do infiltrate a network, one of the first things they do is delete all the log files, so offsite logging of all firewall traffic is a fundamental piece of security strategy for every business.

4. Email Filtering

One of the main attack vectors (methods) used by hackers is to manipulate email as a way to get into your network. These attacks range from simple tricks to highly sophisticated attacks. Mail filtering that worked just a few years ago, now easily falls prey to new techniques used by hackers, such as delayed targeting. In this attack an email is sent to your organization, it includes a link pointed to a server run by a hacker, it’s scanned by email filtering; and found to be clean. After the message is received, but before it is read by your users, the hacker changes the content on the server, and the link now points to malicious content. Our state-of-the-art RDI eCloud™ email filtering allows us to provide on-click scanning to detect these types of attacks.

5. Secure Workstations & Servers

In years past, security of the network consisted of not allowing the bad guys into the network (hard perimeter). But the rules have changed and hackers can attack the servers and workstations inside your network whenever a malicious website is opened. These techniques allow the hacker to instantly bypass most firewall-based security and put the hacker inside your secure network. Thinix AssuredSecurity™ allows us to dramatically improve the baseline security of your network by using a variety of tools and methods. By doing so we maintain a far more secure network by aggressively managing all of the updates needed for both the operating system and all installed applications.

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