Advanced Network Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks
Advanced Network Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks
Network Monitoring Options to Alert Security Risks
Network Monitoring Options to Alert Security Risks
IT Support & Assessments to Strengthen Network Infrastructure
IT Support & Assessments to Strengthen Network Infrastructure

Secure, Reliable Technology For Vital Applications

Serving Iowa and the Midwest, RDI experts have assisted government and public works agencies in the improvement of their technology effectiveness. By implementing technologies to help improve the way you serve and engage with citizens, government entities such as courthouses, law enforcement, city halls, and municipalities, are better able to serve the public sector, citizens, and community.

RDI has developed a number of industry-leading products and managed services that strengthen the ongoing security disposition of PCs/devices, networks, data, and more. Because of their vital role, public works offices and government agencies rely on security to prevent cybersecurity threats. With security as a top priority, RDI offers enterprise-grade firewalls with best-in-class security management as well as real-time threat detection and response monitoring options.

When paired with our number one PC security platform, Thinix AssuredSecurity®, you can be sure that your computer is both up to date and protected from thousands of today’s most advanced security threats.  Government organizations are the keepers of vital information. At RDI, we also offer 321-Backup®, which securely backs up all critical business data so that it is offsite, secure, and effortlessly recoverable if there is a system breach or data loss. RDI also offers audio video solutions, such as video streaming systems. AV systems are great ways that local governments can be connected or stream important public meetings.

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Network Monitoring

Get visibility into your network health and performance to improve your business network. We monitor traffic, bandwidth, cloud apps, IoT devices and more at large cost savings.

Thinix AssuredSecurity®

Easily prevent ransomware or malware with our advanced, automated managed security service; ideal for markets such as cities, local governments, healthcare, business, and more.

Remote IT Support

Expert system engineers & support specialists having knowledge, vast experience, and technical skills to deliver customers with high-value support.

 Security Camera Systems

From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer security camera systems that are built to last for any environment.

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