4G Remote Power Management (RPM)

RDI’s Remote Power Management (RPM™) is ideal whether you rely fully on RDI for IT support, or are looking for supplemental IT support tools for your own team. Because IT staff can’t always be on-site to diagnose a technology issue, RPM allows for remote troubleshooting to occur. RPM™ and RPM+™ make it easier to manage your network with 4G-based Remote Power Management (RPM). By enabling a secure solution to quickly access your network, RDI can provide immediate remote support. When paired with our iStatus® Network monitoring platform, RDI can easily tell you when issues are occurring and what specific network devices require attention. With these built-in alerts from iStatus, you don’t have to guess what’s going on and RDI technicians can remote into network devices with RPM or RPM+ to reduce the time and cost spent on support.

Akative RM™

This solution allows easier Remote Management (RM) of network devices through a 4G bridge with a static IP address. By allowing secure, remote VPN access into your network, IT support can quickly troubleshoot device issues, or securely manage devices. VPN access can be kept separate from your regular network to ensure that access is walled off to only a given portion of your network. Our RM solution easily integrates with iStatus® Network Monitoring. This integration provides visibility to your network via the iStatus dashboard, complete with our on-the-go app and push-notification alerts. 



Akative RPM™

Reduce support costs and unnecessary service calls. Easily add 4G based remote power management (RPM) to any network. Securely login and reboot equipment from anywhere via a dedicated 4G connection with a static public IP address. With integrated iStatus monitoring, you receive alerts when your monitored connection fails. This simple solution installs in just minutes and allows a remote IT support team to reboot equipment before dispatching service staff to resolve issues.



Akative RPM+™

This solution builds on the features of Akative RPM and enables you to remotely manage network equipment, even when the primary connection is down. Securely login and reboot equipment via a dedicated 4G connection or connect via IPSEC to manage any device on the Out-of-Band (OOB) management network. RPM+ includes two iStatus probes allowing you to monitor connectivity from two network segments and you can add additional iStatus probes as needed to monitor additional networks. Receive alerts when your monitored networks fail. RPM+ installs in minutes and allows remote IT support teams to remotely troubleshoot problems and reboot equipment before dispatching service staff to resolve issues.



Easily Add RPM/RPM+ To Your Existing Network!

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