Why Is A Business Continuity Plan Important?

At RDI, we encourage businesses to always prepare before disaster strikes. Whether it’s ensuring security and patches are up to date or preventing ransomware attacks, RDI is here to help your business plan for the unexpected. It’s essential to have a business continuity plan in place to identify and address fluidity between business processes, applications, and IT infrastructure. According to IDC, on average, an infrastructure failure can cost $100,000 an hour, and a critical application failure can cost $500,000 to $1 million per hour. To withstand and thrive during these numerous threats, businesses have realized that they need to do more than create a reliable infrastructure that supports growth and protects data. RDI recommends developing holistic business continuity plans that can keep your business up and running, protect data, safeguard the brand, retain customers – and ultimately help reduce total operating costs over the long term. Having a business continuity plan in place can minimize downtime and achieve sustainable improvements in business continuity, IT disaster recovery, and corporate crisis management.

How We Can Help Your Business

Technology plays a critical role in your daily operations. With a team of seasoned engineers, RDI quickly helps businesses implement solutions such as secure VPNs to keep employees connected and working from home, video conferencing to enable fluid communication, patch management, and high-availability connectivity to enable seamless uptime.

You can rest easy knowing that your technology and planning are in good hands when considering these four primary aspects of business continuity planning:

  • High-Availability: Provide for the capability and processes so that a business has access to applications regardless of local failures. These failures might be in the business processes, in the physical facilities, or in the IT hardware or software.
  • Continuous Operations: Safeguard the ability to keep things running during a disruption, as well as during planned outages such as scheduled backups or planned maintenance.
  • Disaster Recovery: Establish a way to recover a data center at a different site if a disaster destroys the primary site or otherwise renders it inoperable.
  • Patch Management: Keep your systems up-to-date and protect your business network from potential cyber threats.

With a rich portfolio of technology offerings, each unique division of our company brings something new to the table when it comes to supporting your business needs. We work to continuously improve and expand our technology competencies and invite you to explore our multifaceted approach to business continuity planning. We’re here to help you start planning for your future today. Let’s put your technology and your team first!

  • Remote Access: Secure VPN tunneling for work-from-home scenarios to connect your employees with network access and continued productivity.

  • Video Conferencing: For secure, remote communication designed to support internal teams and external presentations or conference calls/meetings.

  • Secure Network Infrastructure & Engineering: Planning, design, and installation of secure network environments that can securely scale to meet your future business needs.
  • Patch Management: Multi-layer, military-grade protection and patching for PCs and servers with Thinix AssuredSecurity®.
  • Data Backup & Recovery: Managed data backup services allowing continuous monitoring of backup systems with optional offsite replication.
  • Network Security & Firewalls: Managed firewalls with offsite logging to protect critical network attack areas including URL filtering, granular control of website accessibility, and data loss prevention.

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