Creating a Strategy That’s Right for You

Businesses and governments face a wide range of challenges when maintaining their technology. Having a strong, knowledgeable partner that can not only manage a wide range of technology but can also courteously support your users, ensures business continuity and peace of mind. For over 37 years, RDI has been teaming up with businesses to offer technical knowledge, friendly IT support, and full-circle service. By working together, RDI designs a technology roadmap and support plan to best fit your business and budget.

Custom-Fit Support Plans

Because technology needs vary from business to business, RDI offers tailored IT support programs to fit your business size. RDI can provide one-stop, end-to-end IT support for all your technology needs. In more intricate cases, RDI can provide advanced IT support to assist your IT staff with highly complex IT issues.

If you have an IT team, we don’t replace them but provide additional layers of support, filling in their knowledge and skills gaps as needed. Importantly, if you have turnover in your IT team, we can help bridge those gaps as well as provide coaching and documentation to ensure a seamless transition.

We have a team of expert system engineers and IT support specialists who have strong domain knowledge, vast experience, certifications, and technical skills. When you combine our expert team with our advanced software and the latest remote access tools you get an unbeatable experience.

Tired of Technology Problems?

Gain Your Competitive Advantage With Stronger IT Support!

Improve Operations & Reduce Costs

Our various support services help your business improve IT infrastructure, uptime, and productivity as resources are available round-the-clock. Efficient management of IT resources like computers, Internet, email, servers, network resources, and mobile devices is crucial for the successful running of business operations. The better your technology preforms, the more operation costs decrease.

With RDI support, you can focus on growing your business and enjoy your technology maintaining high-quality performances.

Turn Your Technology Problems Into Competitive Advantages With RDI

Technology problems slowing you down? Tired of going it alone? Want to avoid the risk of dealing with multiple vendors and gaps in your technology support strategy? Join the RDI Family and make technology hassles a thing of the past!


Do-It-Yourself Support

  • High Costs — Labor, new equipment installations, certifications, etc.
  • Multiple Vendors — Confusion on who’s responsible for various technology.
  • Finger Pointing — Difficulty pinpointing where issues occur and which vendor to call.
  • Unpredictable Costs — Expensive break-fix costs can break your budget.
  • Data Loss — With multiple providers it can be difficult to keep track of all your data.

Technology pain makes your job harder than it needs to be.


RDI Managed Support

  • Best Pricing — One bundled price for all of your technology support.
  • Single Vendor — A partner you can trust for all of your technology needs!
  • Accountability — Best Service! As the sole provider, never question who to call.
  • Predictable Costs — Consistent monthly billing determined by your bundled price.
  • Rock Solid Backups — We plan and prepare for the worst to ensure your data is safe.

We make life easy with simple answers to your complex problems.

Tired of Technology Problems?

Gain Your Competitive Advantage With Stronger IT Support!

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