Low-Cost Work From Home Technology To Make Your Work Easier

To better serve evolving business needs, RDI has a number of great packages that are low-cost and allow your team to effectively keep operations going as they work from home. RDI has preconfigured work from home technology that your staff can easily and quickly install. Need or want something more customized? We can help with that too. Proudly serving businesses, government entities, schools, offices, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and more.

Patching & Endpoint Protection
Fully managed patches, updates, and antivirus for PCs/endpoints.

Managed Security Firewall & VPN
Protection for secure business networks and private VPN for remote workers.

Managed Web & Email Filtering
Secure, layered defense and filtering to prevent malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Managed Cloud Data Backups
Protect your critical data and ensure you are able to recover it should disaster strike.

Remote Helpdesk Support
RDI helps your IT keep your technology performing optimally so you can focus on growing your business.

Remote Work Access
Allows your remote team to securely access your business network via a private VPN.

PC & Laptop Provisions, Security, & Management
Preconfigured hardware that's easy for remote workers to set up and use.

Managed 4G LTE Internet Failover
Keep your business online 24/7 and say goodbye to Internet downtime.

Managed SD-WAN Appliance
Make sure your business critical applications remain online and perform on the best connection possible.

Managed WAN & Cloud Monitoring
Easily monitor your network, including LAN & WAN applications and know in real-time when issues occur for quicker resolution.

VoIP Phone Systems
Preconfigured phone systems to keep your team connected and sounding professional.

Video Conferencing Kits
Professional-grade equipment that's compatible with most video conferencing platforms.

Enterprise-Grade Audio Built for Telecommunication
Plug and play audio equipment such as speakers and microphones designed for optimal sound.

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What Are Challenges Of Working From Home?

Even before COVID-19 disrupted our lives, remote work or telecommuting had become a standard practice for many people’s workweek. While some markets in public service have been unable to offer their employees this arrangement, other businesses are thriving and have transitioned well with the help of technology. Many employers are even encouraging their traditional employees to obtain remote work access as a safer alternative to in-person attendance.

There are apparent pressures forcing businesses to reevaluate their stance on remote work. Some are scrambling to solve important network security, data, and collaboration issues as a result of moving to a remote workforce without much preparation. RDI addresses these common challenges with easy to use technology that enables your business continuity and keeps your team productive.

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How Can I Setup My Team To Work From Home?

Time management, network access, and communication are all critical components of any work from home setting. Employees must be able to remain productive while accessing their regular network files and collaborating with other team members. However, all of this must be accomplished securely so that the business network isn’t compromised by ransomware, malware, or cybersecurity threats. There are a number of recommendations that RDI makes when getting your team set up to work remotely or telework. Hardware, geographic setting, and use-case are all essential considerations when selecting which bundles of technology your team requires for daily work. RDI offers the following remote work packages:

Remote Work Access
Remote Work Access

Includes secure hardware like laptops, pc, keyboards monitors, cabling, and VPN access into your business network so that your team can access their important files and virtual workspace.

Network Security
Network Security

Includes firewalls, cabling, data backup plan, secure VPN access, etc. to keep your team and your business network and data secure while employees are spread out in different locations.

VoIP Phone Systems
VoIP Phone Systems

Includes phones, firewalls, cabling, network configuration? So that your team can continue to service customers over the phone or keep in touch with one another about important projects.


Includes go-anywhere Internet, data connectivity, iStatus® network monitoring for instant connectivity no matter where your team is located, and monitoring to know when and where network issues may be occurring.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

Includes cameras, microphones, power supply, etc. to allow your team to have professional-quality audio and video to collaborate with each other and customers via popular platforms like Google Teams, Zoom, etc.

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