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Computer technologies are nearly unavoidable within all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Whether in the office, on a job site, at school, or even paying your taxes, technology has been harnessed to better organize and communicate information and ideas to all of us.

It’s not always fool-proof, however, which is why computer technology is constantly evolving and improving. It is a progression that must be monitored and studied by experts in the field for the purpose of providing organizations with the best technological solutions for their needs and the needs of those around them. That, indeed, is what R & D Industries, Inc. is all about.

We have multi-location businesses in Iowa and Minnesota. RDI has provided our IT support, network, security, and backup systems for several years. Their expertise in all these areas is tremendous. Their monitoring and prompt solution-based response time are better than any other company we have used. We highly encourage anyone needing these type of services to go with RDI. 

–Phil Christy, Business Manager
Graham Tire Company

When it comes to IT, it’s incredibly difficult for us to manage all the data, hardware, security and computing resources in-house. Fortunately, we have had an excellent relationship with RDI for several years now. With RDI, we have access to high levels of technology and resources that we would otherwise have no access to. This helps us stay competitive in our healthcare industry and lets us focus on growing our business.

–Timothy A. Kinnetz
GrapeTree Medical Staffing

We operate two advanced manufacturing facilities in the Midwest.  We no longer had any IT guys on staff.  With concerns about an aging network and the integrity of our backups, I contacted RDI for help. I quickly found that needing an on-staff IT guy was a thing of the past. RDI’s technicians were incredibly knowledgeable, even with our wide range and age of equipment. We were up-to-date, secured, and on a regular, dependable backup system in no time.  RDI is an incredibly honest and trustworthy company.  They went out of their way to make sure our systems are well managed and that all of our needs are met.  Top marks in all categories for the team at RDI!

–Ryan Jensen, CEO / Owner
Thurston Manufacturing / Simonsen Iron Works

We operate skilled nursing care facilities, and Internet connectivity is critical for our patient care. RDI provides us with the technology we need most to keep us connected to our cloud-based electronic healthcare records system when our primary Internet service provider has an outage.

–Christy Hofsaess, Vice President of Finance
Hawkeye Care Centers of Iowa