Network Security & Managed Firewalls

Secure & Resilient Networks With Best-in-Class Management

End-to-End Network Security

Network security is an ongoing process, not just an event that happens once. Operating systems, application patches, hardware patches, anti-virus, and security appliance updates all need to be performed regularly. RDI is an ideal network security solution for single-site customers, multi-location enterprises, or any business implementing defense-in-depth strategies that need professionally managed gateway solutions and ongoing network security.

With end-to-end network security protection, policies, best practices, and threat intelligence capabilities, RDI engineers to mitigate network security risks. RDI has the skills to handle complex, multi-location business needs and can offer multi-site firewall implementations, multiple connections, and redundant VPN connections for offsite users who rely on remote access. By combining essential security functions into a single managed service, we deliver network security at significant cost savings.

Network Security

Want to Strengthen Your Baseline Network Health?

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Network Management

Strategic Security Intelligence

As a fully managed solution, we unburden IT staff from day-to-day security infrastructure management and free up internal IT We design, configure, install, manage, monitor, and maintain network security for your enterprise. Paying particular attention to areas where issues can cause the most disruption and destruction is critical but can prove to be taxing. Our knowledgeable staff provides in-depth recommendations on how to identify where network security failure could cause the most harm to your business and assist you in mitigating those risks.

Features of Our Managed Networks:

  • Internal & External Security Audits
  • Immediate Security Alerts
  • Firewall Installations
  • Domestic & International VPN Solutions
  • Disaster Prevention & Virus Protection Services
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • Application & Desktop Security
  • Spam Prevention Services
  • Email Server & Internet Gateway Installations

Secure Remote Access

To strengthen your business continuity, RDI can easily set up secure network access so that your employees can work-from-home or on-the-go. We give secure remote access to network files and desktop programs so that employees can work from any location. RDI provides a safe, private VPN tunnel to your business network.

By making the VPN tunnel private, you can rest easy knowing that only those with the proper clearance can access your business network. This gives your remote employees the ability to remain productive outside of the office. Remote access is useful in cases where employees must remain home due to illness, employees need access to complete tasks and remain productive while on a business trip, or for IT emergencies during business after hours.

Remote Access

Managed Firewall Security

Firewall management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. It’s no longer enough to leave your security on autopilot. Our firewall management service provides firewall administration, log monitoring, and security to safeguard intellectual property, and customer records.

RDI managed firewalls protect critical attack areas, including URL filtering, granular control of website accessibility, and data loss prevention. Our firewalls are fully maintained to ensure your network security remains at optimal performance.

Powerful Firewall Features

Intrusion Prevention Service

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

Don’t let malicious activity run amok in your network. RDI’s Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) shuts intrusions down.

User-Application Control

User-Application Control

Have highly granular control by category, application, or application sub-function to keep your network flowing and your environment safe.

Secure, Offsite Logging

Secure, Offsite Logging

With offsite data logs, RDI protects your network information from external threats and provides immediate security alerts if there’s suspicious network activity.

Packet Filtering

Packet Filtering

Multi-gigabit packet filtering and transparent proxies mean true, line-speed security inspection on all traffic.

APT Blocker

APT Blocker

Our Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Blocker gives you all the power without the fear of complex implementation rules.

Security Audits

Security Audits

If applicable, RDI managed firewalls allow reports to be generated for PCI and HIPAA audits to ensure compliance standards are met.

The Importance of Offsite Logging

You wouldn’t install a security camera system without the ability to record what happens. You also should not have a business firewall without offsite logging to record network traffic.

When hackers penetrate business networks, they typically delete the log files to hide their activity. When you have your logging at an offsite location, hackers are thwarted from easily accessing the data and deleting all copies.

Offsite Logging

Improve Your Network Security

Just like a car needs regular checkups, so does your network. If left unchecked for too long, network issues can become a troublesome time sink, opening businesses up to unnecessary security risks. A simple way to overcome these challenges is with a quarterly or annual Network Audit.

An RDI network audit is an excellent way for businesses, and enterprises, to get a neutral 3rd party to comprehensively view their network and current security standards. Our audits also vet existing IT efforts and identify ways to improve the overall performance of the processes and address security vulnerabilities.

Transform An Audit Into An Opportunity

For businesses seeking fortified network security, a competitive edge, and improved business results, an RDI network audit may be the big step forward that you need. Getting a handle on the current-state of your infrastructure is only the beginning. Conducting a network assessment will give you the information you need to prioritize and pitch new investments in your team. Your approach to new technology and projects will become data-driven and strategic, based on leveraging your current investments to their total potential.


Insightful knowledge about IT infrastructure from a neutral 3rd party

Strategy Planning

Strategy planning with identified areas for improvement

Security Measures

Increased baseline security measures with identified vulnerabilities

Reduce Costs

Identify cost-saving potential with transitions to new systems or upgrades

If you would like to visit about scheduling an audit or seeing a sample audit report, please reach out to us! We can even check areas such as virtualization, networking/automation, security protocols, and more.

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