RDI + Healthcare

We Let Patient Care Be Your #1 Priority

The health care industry is digitizing electronic health records (EHRs) to not only improve an organizations' efficiency but how they administer care to patients. The ability to share data digitally holds immense potential for doctors, nurses, clinicians and other professionals in the field to send and receive content quickly and effectively. As a result, information security must be a top priority for any medical organization today and for the foreseeable future. The RDI team is highly trained in recognizing network vulnerabilities and preventing them, keeping health care data, networks, and devices safe and secure. The best offense for safeguarding patient records and medical data is a strong defense.

By locking down networks to create strong security, implementing routine backups of critical files and paperwork, and providing educated recommendations for secure, best-in-class file sharing tools, RDI can help providers minimize risks while ensuring that personnel has access to user-friendly solutions. RDI is focused on partnering with healthcare providers to give patients the best possible experience while visiting their facility.