RDI Network Assessment

Know Your Network's Strengths & Weaknesses


Insightful knowledge about IT infrastructure from a neutral 3rd party

Strategy Planning

Strategy planning with identified areas for improvement

Security Measures

Increased baseline security measures with identified vulnerabilities

Reduce Costs

Identify cost-saving potential with transitions to new systems or upgrades

Improve Your Network Security

Just like a car needs regular checkups, so does your network. If left unchecked for too long, network issues can become a troublesome time sink, opening businesses up to unnecessary security risks. A simple way to overcome these challenges is with a quarterly or annual network assessment or audit.

An RDI network assessment is an excellent way for businesses, and enterprises, to get a neutral 3rd party to comprehensively view their network and current security standards. Our assessments/audits also vet existing IT efforts and identify ways to improve the overall performance of the processes and address security vulnerabilities.

protect data with network security
Network assessment/audit report

Transform An Assessment Into An Opportunity

For businesses seeking fortified network security, a competitive edge, and improved business results, an RDI network assessment may be the big step forward that you need. Getting a handle on the current-state of your infrastructure is only the beginning. Conducting a network assessment will give you the information you need to prioritize and pitch new investments in your team. Your approach to new technology and projects will become data-driven and strategic, based on leveraging your current investments to their total potential.

Assess Your Network With RDI!

If you want to schedule an assessment or see a sample audit report, please reach out to us! We can even check areas such as virtualization, networking/automation, security protocols, and more.