Network Monitoring

All-in-One Monitoring for Your IT Infrastructure

Get Visibility Into Your Network Health & Performance

While constantly monitoring the health/reliability of your network and searching for trends, RDI network engineers design thoughtful systems that monitor, track, and log your network parameters to assist in improving the health and performance of your network. RDI also stores your data logs for you so that you can review, analyze, and correlate previous issues. By having this advanced insight, our network monitoring allows you to know when and why an issue started and helps you figure out if you need more monitoring tools at a given business location.

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We Monitor Your Entire IT Infrastructure for Massive Savings

Setting up network monitoring can be complex. There are so many aspects to focus on, and with the rapid proliferation of IoT connected devices, getting started can be an uphill battle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. RDI takes on networks at any level and gets you started with a plan that’s right for you.

With a proactive approach, RDI takes 24/7 network monitoring that would typically be complex, time-consuming, and expensive to do, and finds the best possible solution for your given business. We monitor items such as traffic, packets, applications, bandwidth, cloud services, databases, virtual environments, uptime, ports, IPs, hardware, SSL certificate renewals, security, web services, disk usage, physical environments, IoT devices, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Network Monitoring Features


Real-Time Network Monitoring

With built-in network performance monitors, RDI evaluates health, and critical metrics such as packet loss, latency, speed, errors, discards, and performance bottlenecks.

WiFi Monitoring

Network Activity & WiFi Monitoring

Keep an eye on all your network activity while also monitoring bandwidth, databases, network devices, and WiFi aspects such as traffic, signal strength, and availability.

Multi-Level Thresholds

Multi-Level Thresholds

Proactively monitor network performance with multi-level thresholds. For every critical performance monitor, set multiple thresholds and get instant alerts for violations.

WAN Link Monitoring

WAN Link Monitoring

Monitor key metrics such as latency, jitter, RTT, and packet loss to diagnose network issues. RDI monitors hop-by-hop performance to find what is causing latency and identify the issue quickly.


Intelligent Alerts & Insight

Alerts are sent when we discover warnings or unusual activity. Alerts are sent to our experts to help quickly identify issues that may appear.

Server Monitoring

Physical & Virtual Server Monitoring

Monitor CPU, memory, and disk utilization of servers. Also, monitor the performance of the host and VMs of VMware.

East to Setup

Affordable & Easy to Setup

With expert engineers and consultation, user education is easier than ever. Our network monitoring helps you identify network performance issues to inform you of areas that can be improved.

Want To Improve Your Network Health & Performance?