Network Device Management

Secure MDM, NDM, and Segmented Network Design

Ensure All Network Devices Are Secure

RDI provides a one-on-one, customer-specific management service to protect your network against potential unwanted logins to your system, increases the strength of a secure and stable network, and works to alleviate struggles that come with BYOD programs and configurations. Our team is experienced in Mobile Device Management (MDM) to support all devices – smartphones, iPads, laptops, desktops, and more.

With countless devices connected to a network, it can quickly become overwhelming to manage multiple devices consistently. Without constant device management, out-of-date devices may circumvent network security and can introduce any number of extraneous threats - including malware, ransomware, etc.  Whether the devices are provided by the business or as part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, it is critical to ensure that all devices connecting to a network are secure and up-to-date. With RDI device management and network architecture design, our team of security experts can efficiently and cost-effectively map out your network and manage your network devices to ensure all network components are secure. Ranging from one device to hundreds, RDI can customize device management plans that fit your specific needs.

Secure Network

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Secure Devices

Secure & Protect Your Devices

RDI’s expert engineers provide businesses with complete device lifecycle management – from configuration and deployment to planned replacement. With comprehensive network management tools, our team actively monitors all aspects of your network devices while also maintaining and updating all devices. Our team can deploy device management easily and remotely, saving you a considerable amount of IT resources. When paired with secure data backup (321-Backup®), security and patch management (AssuredSecurity™), and backup internet connectivity (RocketFailover™), RDI can ensure that your network maintains peak performance and security 24/7/365. With additional security measures such as FamilySafe® WiFi, RDI can implement content filtering to protect your network from unwarranted access to malicious activity, and network device isolation to protect your network from device-to-device pollution.

Key Features

Optimize Device Security & Management

Custom Device Life-Cycle Management

From configuration and deployment to planned replacement, our team manages devices for the full duration of their intended life cycles.

Hardware Management & Device Updates

Detects stagnant devices and pushes updates to protect the network against potential unwanted logins to your system.

Integrated Security Services

Increases the strength of a secure and stable network.

Network Architecture Mapping

Alleviates struggles that come with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program and configurations.

Intelligent Network Monitoring

Maintains constant network monitoring to detect abnormal activity and respond efficiently.

Optional Data Backup & Windows Device Security

Device management plans integrate effortlessly with secure data backup and endpoint management services.

Constant Updates

Ensures devices that leave and reconnect to the network can be trusted and not serve as a vulnerability.

Active Verification

Permission configurations, antivirus, updates, patches are constantly monitored and managed to ensure that devices maintain network security specifications.

Inclusive of Mobile Device Management (MDM) & More

RDI updates printers, NAS firmware, server lifecycle management, regular server OS updates, and any other type of device update that might be needed to ensure the network is running as it should.

Effortlessly Managed Devices