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As a Midwest leader, R & D Industries, Inc. has completed thousands of projects and makes technology work for you. Our vision for the future continues to position RDI as one of the most trusted partners in technology and audio visual systems. Please select an assessment you'd like our team to complete OR simply let us know how we can help.

Full Circle Assessments

As you work diligently to mitigate the myriad of threats to IT security, a security assessment can provide the critical insight and data you need to develop the most effective security and technology strategy. 

Our assessments are designed specifically to meet regulatory requirements and address the needs of any size organization. To determine the adequacy of your existing security controls and to identify security deficiencies, our seasoned security experts will conduct a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure.

By identifying and quantifying risks, out of date technology or vulnerable network areas and documenting the effectiveness of existing controls, RDI's assessments enable you to make smarter decisions about your current technology. By identifying potential new investments, RDI helps you adopt the optimal approach to enterprise risk management based on your environment and business goals.


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Thousands of satisfied customers have come to trust RDI to make technology work for their business. Businesses, churches, Government, corporations, schools and countless other organizations rely on the staff at R & D Industries for our customer service and our flexible technology.