RDI + Manufacturing

RDI + Manufacturing

Our Technology Ensures Uptime

Unscheduled downtime is certain to have an effect on the way your company operates. Every moment of downtime prevents a well-oiled machine from being productive and results in lost revenue. When your network is down, manufacturing is at a standstill. At RDI, we work to solve downtime in a matter of minutes, offering cost-effective service to keep your operations running without interruption. RDI engineers are experts at designing secure networks that have proven themselves in countless environments with over 100 million hours of seamless uptime. Our network engineering team is also well equipped to handle additional networking needs such as servers, switches, and engineering strategies so that your company can continue to operate seamlessly. We work with you to customize your technology strategy to ensure the longevity and reliability of any technology system. 

Empower Your Staff With Secure HR/Training Kiosks

In many corporate environments such as manufacturing, roughly 30 to 40% of employees do not have daily access to a computer. Thinix (a division of RDI) is well equipped to fill that need and has securely deployed over 13,000 managed kiosks and PCs to help such businesses connect their workforces. Our HR kiosks provide 24/7 self-service functions for the convenience of employees and cut down on cost by minimizing the need for human intervention. Used in a wide variety of applications, our HR kiosks provide quick access to business-critical documents such as online forms that save on printing and paper as well as administrative and IT costs. Another key application of the HR Kiosks is to provide assistance with employee training and scheduling as well as additional managerial functions, which makes onboarding new employees or maintaining currently employee HR tasks easier than ever.

Full-Circle Security

RDI provides best-in-class technology products that are durable, simple and reliable in even the toughest environments. Our top manufacturing-focused products underscore the importance of security and safety. Physical premise security is a long-standing issue for businesses and organizations. Our state-of-the-art security camera systems are engineered to provide on-demand HD video, recording, file retention, and automatic alerting for your business. Our expert security consulting provides recommendations and engineering to help businesses achieve right-sized systems. Camera systems designed with optimal security coverage help businesses maintain optimal coverage and quality security assurance.

Additional security offered to manufacturers includes our option for a network-based door access system. RDI supports a simpler and smarter managed alternative to a traditional keypad building entry system. Our approach provides businesses of all types with a single, powerful interface for controlling doors, managing alarms and events all with a single command and control. RDI’s access control systems show significant cost reduction compared to a traditional system without sacrificing security standards. Our proven access control systems use reliable, secure network-based IP technology to eliminate the need for cumbersome control panels at each access point, complex wiring, and power supplies, helping you achieve significant cost savings.

PC security is also a top concern for any business. Thinix AssuredSecurity® is a managed security service used to dramatically strengthen and support the ongoing security disposition of your front-office computers. AssuredSecurity combines a number of otherwise separate processes (security settings and policies, PC updates, application updates, antivirus, auditing, etc.) and sleek technology into a single managed security service. Starting at just $15/PC per month, you can expect a higher level of security at a lower cost than businesses would be able to achieve using traditional means. Many of our manufacturing partners make use of AssuredSecurity for both front-office computers and for on floor operating system computers. 

Discover More With RDI

From front-office technology to on-floor manufacturing applications, the experts at RDI designs custom technology strategies to make technology work for you. We invite you to browse any of the following technology products or reach out for pricing options today.