RDI + Government

RDI + Government

End-to-End Technology Solutions for Local, County, & State Governments

Serving Iowa and the Midwest for over 33 years, RDI experts have assisted government agencies in the improvement of their technology effectiveness by helping individuals to take advantage of today’s most sophisticated business techniques. By implementing technologies to help improve the way they serve and engage with citizens, government entities such as court houses, city halls, and more, are better able to accomplish their intended goals. 

The public sector serves a population that is more technologically savvy and more advanced than ever before. With the overall speed at which technology continues to evolve - coupled with mobile phones and the acceleration of social media - technology continues to set the bar high for local and federal governments to keep up. Considering a more technology conscious legislative environment – one that requires 21st- century technology – there is no doubt a transformation on the horizon that changes the way that governments offer programs and services to citizens.

RDI Government-Focused Services

Many components go into maintaining technology infrastructure. RDI has developed a number of industry-leading products and managed services that strengthen the ongoing security disposition of PCs/devices, network, data and more. Security for any government entity is a top priority. RDI currently offers enterprise-grade firewalls with best-in-class security management as well as real-time threat detection and response monitoring options. When paired with our number one PC security platform, Thinix AssuredSecurity®, you can be sure that your computer is both up to date and protected from thousands of today’s most advanced security threats.  From a few thousand to hundreds of millions of citizens, government organizations are the keepers of vital information. At RDI, we also offer 321-Backup® which securely backs up all critical business data so that it is offsite, secure, and effortlessly recoverable if there is a system breach or data loss.

Drive Community Performance

With these key security products, our managed services team works to provide custom system integration as well as ongoing support for your system. With access to powerful, secure technology, RDI provides enterprise-grade equipment to ensure longevity and seamless daily operation. With the flexibility to meet customized budgets, RDI equipment and managed services are easy to understand and cost-effective to implement. RDI is knowledgeable and prepared to partner with you to drive community performance to its peak and deliver real results. 

We invite you to browse any of the products listed below to learn more information and welcome you to sign up for one of our no obligation security assessment packages, complete with over 100 security checkpoints.