Industries Served

Proudly Serving Midwest Businesses & Communities


Technology is a great place to start when looking to expand your business potential. Access to more reliable technology solutions and a trained IT support team allows RDI to offer a wide variety of IT products and managed services...

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With reliable technology, education flourishes. RDI is focused on assisting your school, community college, or university by providing a lasting technology partnership. With an experienced support team, RDI is able to...

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Whether you’re a healthcare facility or a pharmacy, your business depends on reliable technology for patient and customer interactions. From accessing patient records with computers on wheels and handheld tablets to...

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Government & Public Works Services

Serving Iowa and the Midwest, RDI experts have assisted government and public works agencies in the improvement of their technology effectiveness. By implementing technologies to help improve the way you serve and...

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Unscheduled downtime is sure to affect the way your company operates. Every moment of downtime prevents a well-oiled machine from being productive and results in lost revenue. At RDI, we work to avoid downtime with...

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Agriculture is an age-old industry, but with the introduction of more agriculture-focused technology, integration requires a strong technology partnership. By providing innovative technology, RDI is able to keep...

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