Server Implementation

Reach your goal

Whether your goal is to increase productivity through the implementation of a new server, decrease communication costs through the development of a virtual private network, or to simply improve communications with satellite offices through the creation of a wide-area network, RDI's seasoned technicians will strive to help your organization reach all of its technological goals.

Dedicated expertise

Our services move beyond the point of implementation. We are dedicated to sharing our expertise with others by offering proper training in the use of your new network and server. RDI network services provide further options for your organization to continually improve and update your network system with ease.

Thorough implementation

Once RDI network developers complete the engineering of your network, our trained staff of technicians have the skills to properly implement your tailored plans. Whether you are constructing a completely new network or implementing new servers for your existing network, our technicians are thorough and maintain a keen eye for detail, creating a superior end-user experience.

Features at a glance

  • Domain Services
  • File & Print Services
  • Backup Services
  • Security Services
  • Efficient IT Maintenance & Increased Security
  • Customized Price Modeling

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