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Server Deployment & Integration Services

Server Management & Scalable Engineering

At RDI, we help businesses evaluate their current server and network infrastructure, establish plans for the future, migrate data from old to new server environments, and all the while maintaining business continuity. RDI server deployment and integration services work to move beyond the initial implementation stage with system education and continued services management. Our team is dedicated to sharing our expertise with others by offering proper training in the use of your new network and server.

Right-Sized Data Storage

We understand that some businesses want on-site server infrastructure and we’re here to help. For other businesses, a hybrid-cloud approach may be an option. Hybrid-cloud solutions place some services in the RDI or other commercial server clouds while maintaining peace of mind with other services kept on-site. RDI Cloud Hosting is a cost-effective way to store necessary server data securely.

Deploy Faster & Minimize Disruption

Traditionally, the capital expense of purchasing a new server and getting it installed, configured, and data migrated from an old server can cost your business a lot of time and money. By taking advantage of our cost-efficient services, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we'll find you the best deal on a quality piece of hardware. From planning to integration, RDI understands every component of a new server and is with you every step of the way. RDI can help with a wide range of server implementation services including data migration, server decommissioning, data archival, redundant data backup solutions, redundant server power solutions, installation, system testing and much more. This reduces on-site deployment time, and valuable IT resources are better conserved. By having a future-proof server migration and management strategy for server infrastructure and data management, your organization can budget effectively, plan for upgrades over time, and replace components before end-of-life.


  • Domain Services
  • File & Print Services
  • Redundant Data Backup Solutions
  • Redundant Server Power Solutions
  • Secure Data Migrations
  • Secure Data Archival
  • Installation & System Testing
  • Managed Security Services
  • Efficient IT Maintenance & Increased Security
  • Customized Price Modeling
  • System Planning for Server Life-Cycle
  • Server Decommissioning


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