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Better Remote Support Begins With RDI

World-Class Support At A Fraction Of The Price

Frustrations in the workplace occur frequently especially when technology is involved. RDI's remote desktop support services are designed to provide your business with full control and manage your IT infrastructure and network resources. With RDI support you can expect to achieve business growth and maintain high-quality performance by reducing operational costs. Efficient management of IT resources like computers, Internet, email, servers, network resources, and mobile devices is crucial for the successful running of business operations. Seamless accessibility and smooth running of IT infrastructure provide a superior user-experience vital for business growth.

Increase Productivity

Remote support services can help companies improve IT infrastructure, uptime, and productivity as resources are available round-the-clock. RDI seeks to assist businesses in focusing on their core competencies by channeling resources to achieve strategic goals rather than support activities. Companies can gain a reduction in operational costs as less staff is required to manage the IT resources.

A Reliable Team & Tools

We have a team of expert system engineers and support specialists having strong domain knowledge, vast experience, and technical skills supported by advanced software, latest remote access tools to support travelling or remote users. Businesses can witness improved employee productivity, higher ROI, and enhanced customer experience achieved through high-value support.


  • Full Control & Management
  • Strengthened IT Infrastructure
  • Seamless Accessibility For Quick Technology Fixes
  • Two-Way Screen Sharing
  • Remote Diagnostics to Easily Access System Information
  • Secure File Transfer For Efficient Patches, Updates, & More
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Two-Way Screen Share

Two-Way Screen Share

RDI Technicians and customers work together in real-time via screen share. Customers can give keyboard and mouse control for proactive, secure, and interactive support.

RDI Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics

From servers to endpoints, RDI can easily access your business systems to remotely diagnose hardware and software configurations.

RDI Remote Support File Transfer

File Transfer

Securely send and receive files in a live or unattended RDI support session to apply patches, updates, and more.

Better Remote Support Begins With RDI

RDI Delivers World-Class Support At A Fraction Of The Price