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Managed Wireless Networking

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Seamless Wireless Connections

Wireless networking is a necessary tool for almost any office, business, or organization. We install, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and maintain wireless networks for your industry and more. RDI offers the most advanced program for quickly deploying a guest network to a business complete with enterprise grade gateways, lightning-fast, dual-band access points, cloud monitoring, and 24/7/365 technical support. RDI customizes right-sized WiFi solutions for all types of properties. With our optional FamilySafe® WiFi, which includes optional client-isolation, RDI’s WiFi systems work to protect users by preventing the spread of viruses and malware from computer to computer connections. Additionally, FamilySafe WiFi can be utilized for additional filtering purposes – to protect you from allowing your network to surf malicious content - making it one of the most security conscious managed WiFi options on the market today.

Tailor-Made Wireless Systems

One benefit of partnering with RDI is that we have in-depth knowledge to guide you to answers for your specific needs. Our trained team is backed with industry experience in wireless installations and wireless LANs (WLANs) in the widest range of environments. Based on one-on-one evaluations, RDI meets network specific needs based on your core business requirements. We can combine blueprint data with real-world RF survey testing to create comprehensive spatial maps for superior WiFi performance that can scale to meet your organization’s needs.

Wireless Access You Can Depend On

RDI delivers fast, reliable, cost-friendly WiFi solutions to keep your users happy. Securely connect employees, on-the-go sales teams, customers, and partners as they move within your business. Using RDI managed wireless networks means your team can stay connected around the office or across your entire business. RDI’s powerful wireless networking systems allow your users the freedom of whole property roaming without sacrificing lost connections when their devices roam across multiple access points. Optional client-isolation provided by our FamilySafe WiFi provides you with controls over what visitors and guests can access from your network, eliminating unnecessary or malicious content access. This secure filtering option helps your users to remain productive and efficient while keeping your network secure.


  • Wireless / WiFi Network Design and Engineering
  • Enterprise WiFi Hotspots
  • One-on-One Evaluation of Business Requirements & Network Needs
  • Site Survey & RF Tests to Determine Possible Sources of Interference
  • Identify Optimum Location for Access Points for 100% Coverage & Optimum Performance
  • Outdoor Broadband Wireless / WiFi Installations
  • WiFi Cellular Boost / Signal Enhancement / Amplifiers Repeaters Installation
  • Multi-Service Mesh Networks
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi-Point Wireless
  • BYOD / Mobile Wireless Access


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