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Managed Network Security
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Secure & Resilient Networks

Network security is an ongoing process, not just an event that happens once. Operating systems, application patches, hardware patches, anti-virus, and security appliance updates all need to be performed on a regular basis. RDI is an ideal network security solution for single-site customers, multi-location enterprises or any business implementing defense-in-depth strategies that need professionally managed gateway solutions and ongoing network security. RDI managed network security solutions seamlessly integrate security technologies—such as anti-virus protection, firewalls, intrusion prevention, application control, web content filtering, VPN, anti-spam and more—layered into comprehensive, custom security solutions. Our experienced engineering team addresses your entire threat landscape with end-to-end network security protection, policies, best practices and threat intelligence capabilities to mitigate network security risks. By managing key security functions on a single platform, we deliver network security at significant cost savings.

Strategic Security Intelligence

As a fully managed solution, we unburden IT staff from day-to-day security infrastructure management tasks and free up internal IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives that support the bottom line. We design, configure, install, manage, monitor and maintain network security for your enterprise.  Complete with 24/7 firewall protection for your business out security experts manage your network security and firewall technology including software updates, patch implementations, and firewall defense testing. Paying special attention to areas where issues can cause the most disruption and destruction is critical but can prove to be taxing. Our knowledgeable staff provides in-depth recommendations on how to identify where network security failure could cause the most harm to your business and assist you in mitigating those risks.

A Partner You Can Trust

A business can have hundreds of records and critical information that needs protecting. RDI provides peace of mind to ensure that those records never fall into the wrong hands. It is common for small and mid-sized businesses to face challenges of affordability in their own network security and often struggle to find a suitable security partner. For more than 30 years, RDI has built a proven track record protecting networks for both small and midsized businesses in some of the most security-conscious industries government, healthcare, insurance, legal and professional services. From data center physical security to secure remote application access, RDI delivers custom threat management and specialized security solutions to protect against sophisticated network and content-based threats.


  • Internal & External Security Audits
  • Immediate Security Alerts
  • Firewall Installations
  • Domestic & International VPN Solutions
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • Thin Client Solutions
  • Application & Desktop Security
  • Disaster Prevention & Virus Protection Services
  • Email Server & Internet Gateway Installations
  • Spam Prevention Services


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