RDI Cloud Hosting: Local Experts. Private Cloud. Local Data Centers.

Private & Local

Our private cloud and hybrid cloud services accommodate security and privacy from a local business you can trust.


Get the enhanced security of dedicated, physically isolated network, compute and storage layers.


Customize the dedicated compute, storage, and networking components to best suit your needs.


Gain performance advantages over the public cloud, with dedicated resources for your business.

Cloud Hosting

Local Experts. Private Cloud. Local Data Centers.

A business can have hundreds of records, and critical information that needs securely stored. RDI cloud hosting is a private and more secure alternative to other cloud services that already exist in larger enterprises such as Amazon or Microsoft. As a trusted local provider of secure cloud hosting, RDI is a company you can put a face to and trust. By allowing granular controls of permission to access the files that you share in your office or with outside recipients, a higher level of security is achieved. RDI integrates additional safety features, such as data revocation, host web protection, and secure file sync, making RDI cloud storage a dependable product that’s affordable.

Proven, Secure, High-Performance Cloud Hosting

Every business is unique, and infrastructure solutions should be tailored to the specific needs of each business or project. RDI offers a full spectrum of cloud services, including custom private clouds, and hybrid clouds. RDI’s private and hybrid cloud solutions can accommodate any combination of scaling, regulatory compliance, security and privacy, and performance. Our cloud solutions provide a powerful, proactive IT monitoring platform, incorporating the important monitoring and management capabilities you need for the data center and the cloud.

Custom Plan Made For You

Once aware of your IT infrastructure activities and scenarios in real time, we optimize a hosting solution around your business objectives, plans for growth and risk management. We rely on multiple redundant fiber circuits connecting our data centers to provide high throughput and load balanced connectivity, ideal for supporting your multi-site business workplace scenarios. Another of the many benefits of RDI Cloud Hosting services is that our services move businesses into an affordable and predictable business model where managed services are purchased on an as-needed basis without the requirement for large amounts of capital.  With RDI managed services, businesses more easily maintain hosting advantages that allow for scaling up or down as needed and are better able to predict costs to reduce internal labor dramatically.


Additional Features

  • Hybrid Cloud Backups – backups which don’t require internet connectivity for offsite copies, improve reliability, security and eliminate internet data usage.
  • Proven Scalability – customizable hosting plans for both private hosting and hybrid hosting solutions that scale to multi-location environments.
  • Integrated Network & Server Monitoring – Monitoring is in the DNA of RDI Cloud Hosting, allowing you to track bandwidth, memory, connections, and much more.
  • Excellent Support – RDI has a wide range of engineers and technicians who will help you manage and operate your servers efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Domain Management & Web Hosting – we manage DNS, domain registration, domain renewal, SSL certification, DNS verification, DNS validation and website hosting.
  • High Availability Virtual Hosting – the systems are durable and likely to operate continuously without failure for a long time.


  • Improves Speed & Performance – by moving servers closer to your users.
  • Eliminates Bandwidth Bottleneck – eliminates bottlenecks of asymmetrical Internet connections, which is the leading performance problem faced by small businesses using VPN’s to connect multiple sites together.
  • Improves Reliability – your equipment or virtual servers are housing in an enterprise class data center.
  • Reduces Cost – don’t pay thousands of dollars per month for data connectivity, redundant power, redundant cooling, redundant firewalls, redundant servers, and infrastructure.
  • Simplifies Operations – simplifies your operations and allows you to focus on what you do best.
  • Enhances Security – enhanced security via excellent physical security and secure network architecture.


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