Secure Data Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions

The most common challenge of any enterprise disaster (DR) recovery programs is the cost and complexity to gain recovery services. Creating a secondary site just to host recovery services is very expensive. In addition, many companies still rely on antiquated solutions such as tape and don’t have the resources or skills to upgrade. Also, IT has to dedicate time and budget to crafting, testing and maintaining DR services at a time when they are already overloaded.

RDI secure data backup and business continuity solutions overcome all of these objections. RDI offers a variety of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions designed to get your failed applications up and running in seconds. The same RDI products that protect your data provide multi-site replication, instant recovery, and failover to the cloud. RDI disaster recovery and continuity solutions are easier to deploy and provide 100% confidence that data and applications are protected with quick and easy recovery.


The name 321-Backup® derives from a foundation of best practices that create and maintain at least three copies of all critical data. With three secure copies (two media types and one offsite type), critical business data is safeguarded with 321-Backup. Although there are many types of failures ranging from human error to fire, water damage, viruses, and malware, with 321-Backup we can quickly restore your business operations from one of the three, securely-stored copies.  

Developing a backup solution which meets the individual needs of your business is what our team is trained to do. With reliable, secure backup technology, enterprise backup monitoring is made easy across entire businesses. Designed with a cloud-based architecture, 321-Backup mitigates data loss by providing an affordable, powerful, and scalable backup solution to ensure business continuity.

Data Recovery Made Easy

In the case of cryptographic malware such as Cryptolocker or WannaCry, malware is known to infect PCs and encrypts all user data stored therein; data is rendered virtually useless and impossible to access. In some cases, malware can also follow paths mapped to PCs and further infect other copies of stored network data through encryption. If there are only two copies of the data and malware infected both, you will lose all data unless you pay a hefty ransom to get your data decrypted by the hacker.

Having a third copy of your data, stored offsite (air-gapped or separated from your network) in the cloud is a wise business investment. The malware cannot reach this third, offsite copy, and you can easily recover your data from the cloud backup copy created by 321-Backup. With our secure technology design, 321-Backup also takes precautions when creating the network attached storage (NAS) copy of your backup to securely hide your path to the NAS – diminishing the risk of malware reaching your data backup.

Minimize Downtime

RDI backup and IT disaster recovery services can play a critical role in minimizing downtime in a disaster and preventing data loss in the event of a server or application failure. Whether it's a natural disaster, a power failure, human error, or a vicious hacker attack, your RDI solution can restore your systems quickly, in a matter of hours or even minutes. We offer managed on-site backup as well as remote backup and disaster recovery hosting solutions to cost-effectively maintain the availability, security, and functionality of your network.


  • Real-Time Network Monitoring & Alerts
  • Secure Off-Site Data Replication
  • Individual File Recovery
  • Unlimited Data Archiving
  • Military-Grade Data Encryption
  • HIPAA & PCI Compliant Security
  • 3 Step Redundant Data Backups
  • Expert Recovery Consultation


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