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Established in 1984, R & D Industries, Inc. continues to raise the bar on technology. By providing solid integrated computer networking, engineering, and solutions we are able to support a wide variety of industries - manufacturing, legal, finance, healthcare, education, hospitality and more. With a dedicated in-house network operations and support team, RDI is always focused on maintaining the highest level of performance of your IT infrastructure. Our team consists of knowledgeable, certified members who are passionate about technology. The connectivity, convenience, and efficiency of our products and services consistently remain at the heart of concern for our managed services team. We work to find technology, solutions, and management that works for you.

What is a Managed Service?

While IT infrastructure issues are a nightmare, they are easily preventable. RDI is a trusted technology services provider to many of the largest and most respected industry leaders in the world. We’re proud that so many people trust us and here’s why. At RDI, we understand that having reliable technology is critical. Our managed services team is fully trained in providing server and desktop updates, patch management, log file monitoring and all of the necessary network maintenance and support activities that ensure secure IT environment. We work to provide clarity and eliminate unnecessary steps in order to help install, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and maintain products for offices, small, medium, and large businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, hotels, hospitals, and convention centers. Our managed services team not only offers the product, but we follow through to ensure security, longevity, and reliability.

We Partner with Your Industry


RDI + Business

RDI strives to exceed your expectations with enterprise-grade systems and superior service. You can count on us to keep your business operating at peak performance.

With a strong professional IT team to back you up, RDI is prepared to help your business conquer technology challenges that come your way.  

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RDI + Education

Empower your students with simple, secure technology advantages. Our experienced team helps schools navigate today's pitfalls. Between budget cuts and evolving technology, you deserve a technology partner who understands your challenges.

By furnishing students with essential technology tools, RDI is able to offer your school a partnership that provides best-in-class technology and exemplary IT service, keeping your students ahead of the curve.

Help Students Succeed


RDI + Government

Keeping your community up-to-date and connected is no small task. With shrinking budgets and new technologies emerging constantly, you deserve a partner who understands your goals and where the future of technology is headed.

As an agile technology partner, RDI aims to connect you with your community. By providing you a secure and effortless end-user experience, you can better focus on what you do best.

Upgrade and Migrate Gov. Technology


RDI + Agriculture

Agriculture is an age-old industry but with the introduction of more agriculture-focused technology, integration can be intimidating and frustrating. By providing cutting edge technology, RDI is able to keep all parts of your farm connected - no hassle.

By using a local approach we deliver unparalleled service, making your technology experience worthwhile. 

Connect Your Elevators and Co-Ops


RDI + Manufacturing

Unscheduled downtime is certain to have an effect on the way your company operates. When your network is down, manufacturing is at a standstill. At RDI, we work to solve downtime in a matter of minutes, offering cost-effective service to keep your operations running without interruption. 

By listening to your specific needs, the RDI team is able to optimize your network infrastructure to achieve the best possible results.

Keeping Facilities Online 24/7


RDI + Healthcare

With healthcare laws in place to protect patient privacy, information security is more important than ever. The RDI team is highly trained in recognizing network vulnerabilities and preventing them. 

RDI is focused on partnering with healthcare providers give patients the best possible experience while visiting your facility. 

Take the Headache Out of IT