Avoid The Breachageddon

2020 saw a considerable rise in cyber-attacks and data breaches, and the attacks/breaches haven’t slowed down in 2021. Major data breaches in 2021 started in January with Ubiquiti Inc. and Parler and have continued to hit Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mimecast, US Cellular, Nebraska Medicine, California DMV, T-Mobile, Microsoft Exchange, Hobby Lobby, and many more up to the most recent breach on the Colonial Pipeline.

It’s evident that data breaches aren’t limited to one industry nor any one business size. With this in mind, RDI would like to remind you to run a network assessment to make sure that your network security is strong and you have a solid, reliable data backup and recovery solution in place.

Here’s 5 things every business needs for the best network security.

  1. Reliable Servers, Storage, & Active Directory
    Reliable servers, storage, and active directory are the foundation of the network, with an organized file-system capable of storing data reliably and enforcing security standards. Minimal access is the rule; where employees are only granted the permissions and access, they need to perform their daily tasks.

  2. Backup & Recovery Solution
    We’ve all seen large and small businesses brought to their knees when their network is breached, and their data is stolen and/or held for ransom. With a data backup and recovery solution, you can protect your data and mitigate risks from cybercriminals along with hardware failure, human error, and more. Should you lose any data, simply restore the data from your last backup and keep your operations running smoothly.

  3. Business-Grade Managed Firewall
    Consumer-grade firewall capabilities don’t begin to scratch the surface of the tools and technologies found in business-grade firewalls. Without these tools and technologies, consumer-grade firewalls leave your business network vulnerable. For the best security, you want a business-grade firewall that regularly receives security updates and also has offsite logging so that you can always see your firewall traffic.

  4. Email Filtering
    One of the main attack vectors (methods) used by hackers is manipulating email and gaining access to your network. These attacks range from simple tricks to highly sophisticated attacks. Better prevent malicious emails from reaching your employees’ inboxes with a high-quality email filtering solution that thwarts sophisticated attacks and techniques, such as delayed targeting.

  5. Secure Workstations & Servers
    Hackers use malicious websites to bypass most firewall-based security and attack servers and workstations to breach your business network. This means that you cannot solely rely on your firewall to protect your network; you also need endpoint security to protect your servers, PCs/workstations, and more from malicious website attacks.

Protect your network with RDI

Unsure how secure your business network is? Know your business is lacking one of the above-mentioned security measures? Reach out to RDI. RDI can perform a network assessment to gauge your network’s strengths and weaknesses. RDI also has multiple security solutions that range from fully-managed network security to individual security solutions to fill in any gaps your network security may have.

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